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In 2019, Health Care Companies Must Prioritize Branding

Is your hospital on Facebook? Whether you’ve “liked” it or not, the likelihood is that your local health care center is active on social media—Twitter, Instagram, perhaps even Snapchat. Doctors, specialists, pharmacies, rehab centers, and [...]

#Hashtags101: How #s Can Propel Your Social Media Presence

Hashtags are eleven years old. They’re nearly teenagers. And for that reason alone, it’s about time we sit down and have “the talk.” Let’s talk about #HowToHashtag.Back in 2007, a man named Chris Messina—the self-proclaimed hashtag [...]

Selling the Vision: How to Deliver a Clear & Concise Presentation

There are those individuals—a handful, perhaps—who stood in front of the fifth grade classroom and delivered that book report effortlessly, with a permanent smile on their face and not an ounce of perspiration under their [...]

4 Bold Marketing Tips to Grow Your Family Business

When you think of the phrase “family business,” what values come to mind? For American consumers, those values tend to be trust, relationships, and quality. Numerous polls suggest that the vast majority of consumers would [...]

What Campari Gets Right: The Creativity, Artistry and Poetry Behind Branding

It’s likely that you know the name Campari. If you’re not a fan of their liqueur (or the Campari Group suite of alcoholic beverages), then perhaps you’ve spotted a reproduction of one of their world [...]

Suspense Marketing: Creating a Buzz About Your Next Big Thing

In early 2016, shoppers at The Grove—a popular, outdoor retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles—found themselves in the midst of a crash landing site: A 17-foot-tall UFO sat buried in the central green space, [...]

What Superstar Athletes Can Teach Us About Branding

Miami city commissioners recently approved a public referendum on David Beckham’s Major League Soccer complex, which features a 25,000-seat stadium, retail, restaurant and office space, a hotel, and a public park, all built on what is [...]

Couture Goes Live: Embracing the Power of Social Media

Last October, at the inaugural Forces of Fashion conference hosted by Vogue magazine, celebrity designer Marc Jacobs discussed his frustration with the social media app Instagram and his reason for barring the use of devices [...]

Broadening Your Brand’s Reach with a Social Media Influencer Campaign

In the early twentieth century, vaudeville and silent film star Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was at the top of his game. A predecessor and mentor to Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Bob Hope, Arbuckle’s influence on [...]

What the Royal Family Can Teach Us About Branding

Did you know that the Royal Family has its own website? They do. The address is “” (catchy, right?), and it’s not your typical government website. While “” has some character, in terms of charm [...]

Mindful Marketing: Why Awareness and Authenticity Are Key in Advertising

If you live in a metropolis, or even in a fairly large city, then you likely passed a dozen yoga studios, three meditation centers, and at least one sound bath pop-up on the way to [...]

What Is a White Paper—and Why Should I Write One?

Remember those nights when you stayed up until 3AM, quarantined in your university dorm room, writing 15-page research papers about books you barely understood? In those moments, you likely wondered: What is it all for? [...]

Create Your Niche in 3 Steps

You are a realtor, broker or sales associate ready to launch your brand. You have a stellar logo that a friend created for you, business cards designed and printed at VistaPrint, and a Wix website [...]

Omni-channel: The Art of Crafting a Seamless Customer Experience

It happened in an instant. All of a sudden, the world was buying coffee with Starbucks accounts, accessible via a card we keep in our wallet, an app we store on our phone, or a [...]

You Click It, You Buy It: The Inevitable Rise of Mobile Commerce

Remember when shopping was complicated? You put the kids in the car. You battled traffic and fought over parking spaces. You went to the department store. You browsed. You bought. You went home. While none [...]

How to Avoid Social Media Scams in the Oversharing Age

Social media has revolutionized our culture in myriad ways, drastically altering the way that companies interact with consumers. But advantages comes at a cost...Read More

“You Can’t Swipe It” & Other Reasons to Reconsider Print Marketing

Love it or hate it, digital marketing is a must for brands. But don't cross print off the list just yet....Read More

3 Misconceptions About Finding Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is the tone with which a brand speaks to its audience, and it determines every aspect of a company’s communication: website content, blog content, newsletters, social media posts, packaging, etc....Read More

Smart Cookies: Making the Case for Remarketing

Ever feel like you are being followed online? Welcome to remarketing - the online advertiser's tool use to follow-up with previous customers… or make a second attempt at a sale with visitors who failed to purchase...Read More

To Snap… or Not to Snap?

Snapchatters consist of about 173 million daily active users around the world, including some major corporations that have joined the platform to target the platform’s millennial demographic. All of those brands have a vested interest in the 17 to 24 demographic...Read More

When Free Content Pays Off—and When It Doesn’t

Free content is not an original concept. YouTube hosts billions of free videos. Podcasts can be streamed free. Music can be streamed free...Read More

Say No To Neutrality

Consumers today are constantly being bombarded with messages of social activism. It’s one invitation after another to join an endless tug-of-war....Read More

There’s Always a Strategy

A good story doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Stories are the backbone of all branding, forged and crafted into the ideal message for the product. Without them, marketing campaigns can fall flat...Read More

Gripped By The Power of The GIF

In the era of social media sharing, the word GIF has become part of our vernacular...Read More

Just Pin It

Which outlet best communicates your message? Between Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Snapchat, the sky’s the limit for brand awareness and circulation...Read More

Boy or Girl?

Boys watch sports and drive fast cars; girls try on shoes and play with makeup. Girls like pink. Boys like blue. These broad, clichéd gender stereotypes...Read More

Why Not Wear It?

With tech companies pumping out new products each year or sometimes every couple of months, as it were the mode of receiving has shifted. "Wearables" is taking 2017 by storm...Read More

Virtual Reality’s Role in Marketing

Technology has made some remarkable advancements in the past two decades. No, we still don’t have hoverboards or flying cars (sorry, Doc Brown), but we do have virtual reality...Read More

Crowdsourced Marketing: Is It Worth The Risk?

We’ve all heard about the wisdom of crowds, from Wikipedia to an entire industry of television voting shows attempting to prove the theory...Read More

How To Fuel The Social Media Furnace

Each platform is unique with its “rules” while ever-changing algorithms make it more difficult to stay on top of the feed. Staying relevant is a full time job. Welcome to the modern world... Read More

Brand Awareness = Business Value

Considering a rebranding? How do you put a price tag on the value of your business? The very best strategic brands have one thing in common is a systems-based approach to the design of your brand...Read More

Design By Committee: When Collaboration Goes Awry

A healthy exchange of ideas from a vested team can be a recipe for a happy workplace and business success...Read More

How to Position Yourself Within a Brand

Having your own brand allows you to create a “mark” around yourself, your name and your career...Read More

Stop Advertising and Start Telling Stories

You finally pulled the trigger and purchased a quarter page ad in a local newspaper or activated that Google AdWords account that has been dormant for months. You are bold and determined to get your brand seen by more eyeballs. Bravo. Now, what’s your story?...Read More

Why Your Website Needs To Be More Than Responsive

Are you frustrated when a website appears small and cluttered on your mobile phone so much so you have to zoom in with your fingers to now have content cut off in weird places? Get out, fast...Read More

Making the Most of Your Marketing Agency

You’ve signed on with a great marketing partner. Time to maximize your marketing dollars and finally build some brand equity right? Yes, absolutely. But the more realistic answer is that it will take time...Read More

Scale Your Brand, Build A Better Business

A few years ago, a businessperson once told me, you are either making money or losing money. It’s a rather simple statement that made me question day-to-day tasks as well as our long-term strategy for growing the business...Read More

How to Use Guerrilla Marketing to your Advantage

When we hear the term “guerrilla marketing,” it’s difficult not to think of guerrilla warfare — which makes sense, since that’s where this style of marketing got its name...Read More

5 Tips to Promote Action from your Audience

Your company has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page that seem to be humming along with systematic posting — good content, lots of followers, but zero comments, reviews nor sales...Read More

Why You Love Your Brand (and Like others)

No two brands are created equal. Countless hours of market research, insights, and planning go into setting the stage for a memorable brand. Great brands aren’t born overnight...Read More

Build Your Personal Empire

If you are an entrepreneur, then you know that everyone is a potential client and that reputation matters. We have seen a person’s name turned into a verb, former models design furniture, or singers pitch perfume...Read More

A Brand for All Seasons: Creating A Consistent Message

Winter is coming. And so are so many ways to advertise your business — but how do you stay within brand as well as push the envelope? Read More

Beyond Opinion, What Makes a Great Logo?

You have hired a marketing team to design your new brand identity. They have interviewed you, done their research and now its time to present you with three options of fresh new corporate identities...Read More

Branding Should Be Fascinating

“Corporations don’t create brands. People do. In any crowded marketplace, you have to make a choice. Either have the largest marketing budget than your competitors or be the most fascinating”...Read More