Paula Dare

Paula Dare

Senior Art Director

With a dynamic blend of innate and acquired skills, coupled with a passion for creativity and community, Paula is a versatile professional with a knack for bringing visions to life. Throughout her career journey, she’s honed innate abilities in organization, responsibility, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and team collaboration.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & Marketing from Loyola University, New Orleans, Paula’s educational foundation laid the groundwork for her career trajectory. From there, she delved into the world of design, mastering tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and WordPress, which have become indispensable in her freelance endeavors.

As Senior Art Director at Brand Poets, she seamlessly integrates creativity and strategy to craft captivating graphic materials for both print and web. Whether liaising with clients, developing proposals, or managing project timelines, Paula’s commitment to excellence shines through. Prior roles at Vortex Communications, IBM Inc., and JetFill, Inc. provided invaluable experience in managing design projects from concept to execution.

Beyond the boardroom, Paula is deeply invested in giving back to her community, volunteering with organizations like Hills High Hopes Barn, Sofia’s Hope Horse Camp @ Whispering Manes, Gulliver Prep, and the Ceramic League of Miami. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Paula brings a diverse perspective to everything she does. Whether she’s exploring the great outdoors with her family and furry companions or indulging her passion for pottery and sailing, she approaches life with boundless enthusiasm and a commitment to making a positive impact wherever she goes.

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