Reduce Social Distance with Social Media

PUBLISHED: August 18, 2020

It may seem like social media is only good for arguing, but as a business-owner, it can also be a strong tool for connecting with customers in the age of social distancing. Here are a few things it can help you do:

Share Action Plans
Social is the ideal way to tell customers about the measures your business is using to keep customers and staff safe. Be specific and empathetic, and explain why you’re taking certain steps. If you want, invite feedback and suggestions to make loyal patrons feel like they’re part of keeping your business safe, open and successful.

Update Facebook Auto-Responses
Right now, many businesses are updating so many policies at once that their website FAQ pages can barely keep up. One useful tool is Facebook Messenger’s auto-reply function. Take time to create or update your auto-replies so that they match the current business policies in your FAQs.

Expand Your Content Strategy
If business is slow and you have some extra time, commit to expanding your content strategy. If you only do Instagram wall posts, try adding Stories to your mix. If you’re already using Stories, explore the Create option and see what new content tools are available. Great at photos and captions? Try making a video – or go live! More people than ever are using Instagram’s Live Video option to talk to fans or host conversations with other accounts and reach both accounts’ followers – an instant win-win.

Organize Your Email Lists
Another great spare time idea is to tend to your email list(s). If you already have one, spend some time segmenting customers into smaller groups based on things like purchase history, age, location, etc. This lets you micro-target them with offers and info more likely to pique their interest. If you don’t do email marketing, it’s a great time to jump on social and ask people to sign up, or place a signup popup on your website.

Host a Virtual Event
The same way collaborative Instagram Live videos are hot, so are online events. People are home, online and – let’s face it – bored. Invite your existing customers to a members-only, private Facebook group where you can host a live video event or a Watch Party. This can be a chance to foster interaction, make business announcements, ask for feedback, answer questions, teach them something new and more.

As the old saying goes, we’re living in interesting times. Social media and digital marketing are great tools for reducing distance and fostering customer relationships.


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This article was originally published in the Community Newspapers.


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