Unforgettable Events Start with Branding & Design

PUBLISHED: December 13, 2019

With more events than ever, how do you make your event stand out? Through strong and consistent branding. A good brand is more than just a logo. It’s a state of mind and the way people see your organization. For example: when someone describes shoes for “high-performance, driven athletes,” you think of Nike. In this same way, your own brand should have clear values.

What is event branding?
Event branding injects the values, ideas, look and feel of your brand into the event atmosphere. The more recognizable an event’s brand is, the more valuable it is to your attendees. The best way to stand out is to develop a unique brand identity made up of many different elements.

What are branding elements?
An event’s brand consists of many details that work together to deliver a message. Although typical design elements like colors and type are important, attending an event is like entering a new world. When all the details come together seamlessly, it makes the event’s branding more authentic (and more relevant!). An experienced marketing agency can help you determine how to consistently weave your brand identity into event signage, banners, promotional social posts, emails, and even the layout of the location.

Location is everything
Choose a location that is both consistent with the event brand and and interesting for attendees. For example, you wouldn’t have a yoga workshop at a dive bar, and young professionals might be wary of a networking event at a bowling alley. But wherever you choose, you can always customize a space to your event’s needs.

Customize your location
Incorporate your event’s branding wherever you can. Remember that your guests want to share photos, so make sure that your location includes plenty of pic-worthy spots that match the overall aesthetic of event. You can incorporate branding anywhere: on custom banners, place cards, napkins – even printed on an Instagram-ready step and repeat.

Make your food & drinks special
Nothing brings people together quite like good food. Include snacks that feel right for the event. Wake up your early morning workshop with coffee and treats from a local cafe, complete with customized coffee sleeves. For evening events, consider developing an exclusive cocktail that fits with your brand’s message.

From promo to promise
Once you’ve refined your brand message and identity, think of every touchpoint with your guests as an opportunity to bring your brand to life. Work hard to get the details exactly right and your guests will remember your brand long after they leave. For more insights into event design and even branding in Miami, reach out to the experts at Brand Poets.


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