Back-to-School Basics: Marketing for Educational Institutions

PUBLISHED: August 6, 2019

While students around the world are shopping for paper, pencils, and planners for the 2019-2020 school year, marketing firms are preparing educational institutions (preschools, grade schools, and universities alike) for the year ahead. Below are 5 back-to-school basics that should be on every learning institution’s Marketing Checklist.

  1. A blog that works—and works for you. Without blogs, websites can be rather stagnant. A frequently updated blog with SEO-rich articles is key to attracting students and visitors of all kinds. Blog content should be pertinent to current or prospective students and their families, including details about curriculum or degree programs, notices about upcoming programming (such as lectures or social events), research studies, innovations, campus improvement projects, and interviews with alumni, administrators, and faculty members. In addition to creating a highly functional blog or news feed on your website, Brand Poets also develops strategies to ensure that blogs are constantly updated with relevant, on-brand, click-worthy content.
  2. Clear signage that won’t crumble under pressure. With a slew of new and returning students, your school campus must look its best. Brand Poets has worked with numerous institutions, such as Palmer Trinity School right here in Palmetto Bay, to revamp their environmental signage and ensure that their wayfinding and directional signs are not only stunning and informative but also consistent with school branding, ADA compliant, and able to withstand environmental challenges.
  3. Professional collateral to capture attention. Educational institutions are comprised of diverse groups of people, and each group has its own needs: handbooks and guides for current students; application materials for prospective students; training manuals for new teachers; policy books for administrators; welcome guides for visitors; and so on. For many, this collateral represents a first impression of the institution, so professionalism, precision, and timely delivery are essential.
  4. Mobile friendliness. Is your website viewable on a mobile device? Can students enroll in classes, communicate with teachers, and submit homework from their phones? Can parents of prospective students RSVP for a campus tour via the school app? In this digital age, educational institutions are expected to be exploring and pushing the boundaries of science and technology; as such, an easily accessible, mobile-friendly experience is a must-have.
  5. A solid, well-coordinated strategy for recruitment. For learning institutions of all kinds, marketing to new students occurs year-round. These efforts must be planned, designed, and implemented far in advance, which is why numerous schools rely on experienced marketing firms to manage the countless campaigns that are common to the recruitment process, including print and digital ads, direct mail campaigns, email marketing, digital remarketing, social media management, admissions videos, and admissions collateral, among others.

While schools and universities are incredibly special and sacred places of learning, they’re also thriving businesses that must continually maintain, audit, and improve upon their marketing strategies. These back-to-school basics may not be available at your local school supplies store, but they are vital to your institution’s success and long-term survival.

### Article originally published in Community News.

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