Think Small to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

PUBLISHED: May 13, 2019

As business owners, we spend much of our marketing time and dollars introducing customers to our brand in a “big” way. Exhibit A: Your website, with carefully curated stock imagery, a high-quality introductory video, and meticulously crafted copy to convey the mission and vision and uniqueness of your business.

I’m not here to argue that those efforts are in vain (truly, they’re not), but now that your website is live and your business cards are printed and your email marketing campaign is underway – let’s think SMALLER. In fact, let’s think MICRO.

The term Micro-Moment Marketing first hit the interwebs in 2016, though the concept behind it seems more and more relevant with each passing year. Here’s the gist: Consumers actions are predominantly defined by micro-moments, those occasional, in-between minutes of our lives. It calls on business owners and marketing firms to capitalize on those moments when consumers are waiting in line at the restaurant, or waiting for the Uber to arrive, or waiting for the movie to begin (which is why many refer to this approach as “Wait Marketing”).

How do we capitalize on these moments when our customers are waiting and scrolling but are already bombarded by content? Well, here’s a start:

  1. Find your moment. Where and when do your customers shop for products like yours? The more specific you can be (“while browsing Facebook during my lunch hour”), the more targeted you can be. This is also a perfect time to explore untapped social media platforms and discover how micro-moments can be created on these channels.
  2. Define your moment. Forget your typical playbook; these are still unchartered waters. You can always “create” a moment that you feel will capture consumers’ attention – but why not take this opportunity to “define” your moment. Be bold. Break the mold. Hopefully, consumers will reward your originality with brand loyalty.
  3. Simplify your moment. While you’re busy breaking your mold, remember to keep it simple. After all, we’re talking about making an impression in mere seconds. Then, make it remarkably easy for interested consumers to find and buy what you’re selling. If they’re captivated by your moment but can’t click their way through a complicated transaction, they’ll move on.
  4. Seize your moment. Now that your campaign has begun, own it. Get feedback from consumers. Track your views, clicks and sales to see what’s working and what isn’t, and then adjust accordingly. It’s a new world out there; you won’t strike gold on the first try.

Although the world of Micro-Moment Marketing is built on six-second increments, it’s still possible to develop long-term relationships with your customers based on a single moment. Of course, that is the ultimate challenge: to create content that is striking enough to earn their clicks – and valuable enough to earn their trust.

### Article originally published in Community News.

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