There’s Always a Strategy

PUBLISHED: September 6, 2017

A good story doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Stories are the backbone of all branding, forged and crafted into the ideal message for the product. Without them, marketing campaigns can fall flat.

Let’s face it: We all make decisions based on emotion, and storytelling is the perfect tool to tap into those emotions. It’s the bait that agencies use to reel in their intended audience. If business is all about building relationships, then imagine your story is the bridge where your audience and your brand can connect. The better the story, the stronger the initial connection.

The process of crafting a story is different for each brand. Will you entertain or educate? How do you evoke emotion while remaining authentic? While the stories themselves will vary, when it comes to forming a story strategy, there are some universal truths and tenets.

Here are some valuable steps to consider when forming a story strategy:

  1. From the inside out. You know your brand better than anyone else. Take a hard look at what your brand represents to your audience. Is the essence of your brand reflected in your marketing? Start with the core values of your brand, and build your story from there.
  2. Time for a change? Should you stick with the same storyline or start anew? You might decide not to rock the boat… Or, perhaps you feel it’s time to shake up your brand, your values, and your message to appeal to a new or broader audience.
  3. Find the human connection. When creating a compelling story for a marketing campaign, remember to make it personal. Audiences need to feel a connection to the brand, so involving actual customers—through images, voiceovers or reviews—is an easy way to enhance the human connection.
  4. Get the word out. How is your story going to connect with the public? Will you blast it out via email or tell it in pieces, 140 characters at a time? Whatever method you use, be sure that the delivery coincides with the story itself.

Consumers can easily see through a story that feels fake or forced. As you form your strategy, keep in mind that your brand’s story must align with its image and audience. It must be both captivating and sincere. Communicate your story effectively, and your audience will surely buy it—the story and the product.

Published online at Community Newspapers.

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