How To Fuel The Social Media Furnace

PUBLISHED: June 20, 2017

Social media is a tool in your arsenal to connect with your community where your community dwells. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more have different advantages to certain companies or products. Each platform is unique with its “rules” while ever-changing algorithms make it more difficult to stay on top of the feed. Public relations firms as well as creative agencies that wish to stay relevant have entire teams dedicated to monitoring, responding, and creating engaging content in mock speed. Welcome to the modern world.

Companies that do social media well caught on early and adapted quickly. Whether they buy or not, your audience lives on social platforms; its where they work and play, chat with friends, stay in touch with relatives, or follow the news. Just think, millennials have never not known the internet.

Social media may not be the end-all in marketing but it should certainly be addressed at many levels. Whether you are launching a new product, expanding a campus, selling tickets, or building hotels — social media is a community organizer, a buzz-generator, and an intimate VIP pass to your brand’s culture.

Here are a few tips on how to boost interactions:

  1. Think Brand Builders, Not Advertising Platforms: Instead of selling, tell a story. Don’t underestimate your audience, they can smell a sales gimmick when they see one (the sales will come organically)
  2. Less is More: Pick 2 or 3 platforms and do them well. Don’t just post to fill space as this will deter community members from following you on other platforms
  3. Personality Matters: Speak from the heart: Share your challenges as well as your successes. People will relate to you as a person rather than a company.
  4. Video is Better: “You have 5 seconds to grab my attention so entertain me.” — Internet

The fiery social media beast craves to be fed! Will you throw in your leftovers or will you tame the unruly?

Published online at Community Newspapers.


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