Brand Awareness = Business Value

PUBLISHED: June 20, 2017

Considering a rebranding? How do you put a price tag on the value of your business? The very best strategic brands have one thing in common is a systems-based approach to the design of your brand. What this means, in short, is building a scalable framework is essential to communicating across all platforms (web, TV, print, social media, radio etc.).

The foundation of brand is an integrated set of tools, templates, guidelines, and structures that your team uses in the marketing and the culture of the work place. New brands should stick closer to the brand guidelines at first. The more consistent you are with you brand, the more recognizable it is which creates value. These tools consist of imagery, typefaces, icons or graphics, as well as voice (often referred to as brand personality). As your business grows, allow your community to take ownership of the brand, which will turn your customers into brand advocates.

A well-designed brand system is your marketing foundation. First, they integrate communications across mediums, creating a consistent narrative online, in print and in person. Second, they create consistency over time by providing a centering influence, even as your team and design partners may change. And third, they create consistency within each type of communications —for example, if you’re a non-profit or financial services firm, research and data-heavy documents likely benefit from one approach, while more high-touch marketing materials compliment them.

Clear signs that your brand in need of some TLC:

  1. Lame Name: Your community can’t say your name right or frequently confuses you with another company.
  2. Marketing Inefficiency: Errors cost money; so better tools make communications easier and allow vendors and consultants to jump right in faster.
  3. Bland Brand: Old, dated collateral materials don’t necessarily encourage your sales team to sell. Reinvigorate them with a facelift on a legacy company.
  4. New Products, Old Name: Business is growing but your branding says who you were when you started the business. You’ve been known for one thing for so long, how will your customers know you can do much more?

The more defined your brand, the more valuable it is in the marketplace.

Published online at Community Newspapers.


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