Gallaher Valuation

The Challenge:

Establish a revised brand identity for a leading commercial evaluation firm.

As business partners come and go, companies must adapt gracefully to these transitions, which often necessitate a name change and occasionally a new brand identity. Additionally, your clients (past, current and potential) must be made aware of these developments.

When Gallaher & Birch, a commercial real estate appraisal and consulting firm based in South Florida, experienced such a transition, President Robert Gallaher tasked Brand Poets with creating a new name and tagline for his company. From this, Gallaher Valuation was born. Brand Poets worked with Robert to refresh the company’s marketing collateral, acquire a new website domain, modernize his website, and create a stronger digital presence for the firm.

What did we do?

  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral
  • Website Development

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