Long gone are the days of chatting through AIM and endless email threads. Advertisers have taken to expand across print, SEO (search engine optimization), text messaging, and the ever-changing social media platforms. But is advertising through email truly at its end? There’s no quick answer to this one!

When it comes to advertising your service/product, it is beneficial to recognize where your potential customers are spending the most of their time. Different age groups and demographics use several different tools to locate their information. While older generations look to email, millennials and Gen Z look to social media platforms.

Email advertisements are great when sharing large amounts of information in one sitting such as promotions, sales, new products, etc. Many large retailers still use this as a highly effective tool to direct users onto their website. Social media can be incredible for ads to sales conversion when highlighting single products/services. This is an amazing shortcut for taking the user straight to checkout. Text messages are a new tool in advertising, as they have served to send coupon codes and ongoing sale memos to customers.

So what’s the takeaway? Know your brand and know your customers. No two businesses are the same. You might just find that email marketing is the way to go to reach your ideal customer!


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