Much like businesses, marketing agencies carry out their own unique niche. From the education sector, medical companies, and large corporations to influencers, boutiques, and spas. Whether a website update, social media streamline, or complete rebrand is in the works, you’ll want to make sure you have the right team backing you.

Here are key components to finding your perfect match:

  1. Style Match: Each agency has its own flair. You’ve seen their work and identify with their creative style. The agency will be able to recognize your vision and turn it into reality.
  2. Experience: What kind of clients does the agency normally work with? This will align with their creative style. Make sure to select an agency that has experience servicing clients in your niche.
  3. Responsiveness: If it takes you more than an appropriate amount of time to hear back with a proposal, just imagine how long their project turn-around time is.
  4. Proposal: Their proposal consists of clear and concise details and pricing. An even greater proposal will offer options to the originally offered budget.
  5. Transparency: No one wants to be hit with hidden fees or second guess their design choices. Your preferred agency will list all potential costs prior to starting any new projects as well as provide guidance on design decisions.
  6. Comradery: Enjoy the team you are working with! Having an established relationship with your creative team will allow for great communication and collaboration.
  7. Ready to get started with your own creative agency partnership? We’re happy to help!


About Brand Poets

Founded by Tana M. Llinás, Brand Poets is a collective of strategists, storytellers, and digital artisans crafting smart, poignant campaigns that command attention.

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