Marc Sandin

Marc Sandin

Director of Business Development

Marc Sandin is a marketing expert and jack of all trades with a creative drive going back 20 years. His multi-faceted background — in copywriting and editing, SEO, UX, content design, digital marketing, photography and graphic design — empowers his executive decision-making as a thought-leader in the marketing world.

As a young adult, he grew his roots in music and performance, playing lead roles in uniquely creative productions like Cotton Patch Gospel, It’s a Wonderful Life: a Radio Play, and And Then They Came For Me: Stories from the World of Anne Frank. He even tried out for American Idol! Those passions paved the way for songwriting, audio/visual production, and other artistic endeavors, which eventually led to the world of marketing, branding, and design. Today, he thrives on the psychology and social impact of brand design and digging deep into audience, voice, and customer experience.”

His past experience ranges from digital marketing operations, project management, creative production, brand marketing, and graphic design. He’s worked on all kinds of projects including podcasts, books, pitch decks, brand guides, blogs, websites, newsletters, logo design, brand identity, and investment capital funding.

As a professional photographer, writer, and graphic designer, Marc has worked with various industries like SaaS, cannabis, travel & tourism, legal, publishing, construction & architecture, entertainment, restaurants, luxury, sustainability, and medical, dental and mental health.

This digital media veteran tackles big problems head-on with an intelligent team of tight-knit creatives. He’s UX-certified by Nielsen Norman Group and holds certifications in disciplines such as Digital Psychology, Neuromarketing, and Customer Journeys.

A self-defined “big dreamer,” Marc imagines ways to fix the broken parts of our world and the various ways powerful stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Handmaid’s Tale can teach us more about heroes, healing, and the human heart.

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