Lucho Escobar

Lucho Escobar

Digital Strategist

Lucho Escobar is our guru on all things code, leading the digital team in terms of website design & development email marketing, animation, video development, and virtual reality.

Lucho brings a wealth of experience to the team, including 10 years of UX experience, 5 years of graphic design experience, and expertise in SEO, e-commerce, email marketing, and social media marketing. In addition to strong project management skills, Lucho is proficient in UI/UX design on multiple platforms, responsive UI frameworks, rich client functionality development, multiple web design methodologies, Google Analytics, and the Adobe Creative Suite. When it comes to languages, Lucho is fluent in HTML, CSS, motion graphics, and UI/UX.

A native of Colombia, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic & Web Design. When he’s not staring at a computer screen, Lucho is very likely creating amazing hand-lettered art around town.

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