Digital Strategy

We understand that every dollar counts. Using your marketing funds wisely and efficiently means constantly analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign.

That’s why we think digital.

Brand Poets’ team of strategists and digital specialists combine business, marketing, engineering, and design expertise to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic digital campaigns for companies both big and small, from start-ups to stalwarts. We don’t just come up with “cool graphics”; we craft intentional brand messages that are tactfully targeted to your consumers. We’ve witnessed firsthand how the power of a well-designed and well-executed campaign can elevate a company from a commodity to recognized and respected brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Fun Fact: Organic listings that appear in search engine results (as opposed to paid or sponsored listings) receive 90% of clicks. This, in a nutshell, is the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Partnering with the industry’s leading resources, Brand Poets is able to audit, rebuild, link back, and measure your brand’s online presence. We then recommend upgrades to your current website, create custom landing pages, monitor your competitors, and provide regular SEO reporting to ensure that your company continually ranks higher in search engine results.

Pay Per Click / Sponsored Content

In the realm of digital advertising, data is king. Pay-Per-Click campaigns allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors — and every ad dollar spent is 100% trackable. Our trusted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team creates a custom plan, develops creative, eye-catching content for each platform, formulates your target audience profile, and manages daily bidding and optimizing. It’s a complex system that, at the end of the day, translates into more clicks, more views, and more sales.

Social Media Management

Social media is uniquely different from all other mediums as it is a direct line to your consumers; for that reason, Social Media Marketing requires a distinctive approach. Brand Poets creates and manages content across multiple platforms in order to embrace, engage, and entertain your audience, to increase awareness of your brand, and to improve traffic to your website. With consistent brand engagement, we are able to track and tailor our messages and communicate with your customers in real time.

Website Development

In this digital age, operating a business without a website is much like walking around without a face: People start to wonder, Who are you? What are you trying to hide? How do I know if you can provide what I’m looking for? Your website should be stunning, fast, functional, responsive, smart and scalable — an effective tool for clients and customers alike to learn about you, your philosophy, and your products and services. Brand Poets is well versed in all code languages and platforms, fully equipped to create and customize an intuitive online experience for your audience.