Tips for Good Health At Work

PUBLISHED: October 12, 2021

With many Americans working an average of 8+ hours each day, it is easy to cast self-wellness aside. Though a corporate office job is not considered physically tiring, mental overload does take a toll on your body. We spend about a third of our time in the office so it’s important to establish healthy physical and mental habits.

Here are a few tips to get your healthy habits started this month:

Take A Walk
Urgent deadlines aside, it’s important to take time to stand from your desk about every half hour or so. This can either be going for a walk during your lunch break or moving to a standing position.

Drink Your H2O
Skip the coffee and stay hydrated! It’s easy to forget to take a sip of water while you’re deep into a project. Too much caffeine can often leave you jittery and anxious. We find setting a timer or using a time marker water bottle keeps you right on track and focused for the day.

Meal Prep Made Healthy
Forget the oh so convenient fast food joint down the street from your office. Good food is good fuel for your brain. This can be as simple as meal prepping for the week or as complex as trying out a new recipe each day.

Dress to Impress (Yourself)
There’s nothing like the undeniable confidence absorbed from wearing a dynamite outfit. Confidence hugely influences your willingness to take on the day and be open to new experiences.

Spread Positivity
Keep the workplace politics at bay by showing kindness and professionalism to everyone. Though you can’t control how others behave, you can control your reactions to unwanted behaviors.

Add Some Greenery
A personal favorite… plants not only add a design element to your office but act as natural filters. While doing their usual job of cleansing the air of excess carbon dioxide, plants have been shown to reduce stress by bringing a fresh sense of the outdoors in.


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