7 Tips to Reboot Non-Profit Marketing in 2021

PUBLISHED: February 18, 2021

Non-profit organizations were hit like every other business in 2020, but their dependence on fundraising posed an extra challenge. Donors — from one-time givers to major philanthropists — tightened their belts to hedge against future financial losses.

Yet, this disruption presented an opportunity for innovation. Savvy non-profit marketers knew that going back to old models simply wouldn’t work. As a result, many organizations experienced a jolt of creativity as they found new ways of connecting with their communities and delivering on their missions.

Here are seven tips for how any non-profit organization can reboot its marketing efforts by going back to the basics while thinking creatively and strategically.

  • Go back to your roots
  • Now is the time to revisit your mission, values and vision. These should be at the core of any marketing effort. In order to set goals and plot a path forward, know your organization and what you offer.

  • Make new friends, but keep the old
  • You have to know your audience — not only the tried-and-true loyalists, but the curious seekers you want to capture. What is the makeup of your community? Do a deep dive on the audience you are targeting.

  • Your audience is made up of people
  • Once you define your audience, remember you are talking to actual people. Your messaging should share how your organization fills their needs, whether it is to relieve their stress, make them laugh or feel connected.

  • Tell them a story
  • Well-crafted content is a great way to generate engagement with your brand and mission. Think about having a real conversation with real people and shift your marketing from transactional to relational.

  • Numbers don’t lie
  • As you are developing your marketing, use your data! Those numbers are the foundation for your plans, a compass pointing you in the right direction and a red/green light for progressing and adjusting as needed.

  1. Trends
    Social media trends are worth it if they align with your values and serve your end goals. Before jumping on the bandwagon, ask yourself if it makes sense for you or your audience to get into the latest trend.
  2. Be a Goal-Getter
    What is your end goal with your audience? All your marketing should point them in that direction. Goals also harness the efforts of separate teams in your organization toward a common outcome. Without measurable goals, you’re just treading water.


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