5 Creative Ways to “UpCycle” Your Content

PUBLISHED: December 16, 2020

Did you know you could be sitting on a treasure trove of content worth sharing with just a few creative tweaks?

A robust digital marketing plan includes content – and lots of it! For small businesses, it can be daunting to constantly have to churn out fresh, interesting, and valuable content that keeps target audiences engaged and coming back for more.

However, it’s also true that one piece of content can be modified – or “repurposed” – for use across multiple channels.

Take a blog post, for example. Let’s say you published one a year ago that did very well. It got significant traction, boosted your engagement numbers and even generated a few leads. Well, why should it sit in your archives collecting dust?

Pull a great quote from it and create a simple design to make it a new, shareable social media post.

Here are 5 more ideas for how to repurpose content so your marketing pipeline is always flowing:

1) Republish
Go ahead and bring that blog post – or any other type of content – back to life! Maybe you have new info to add or it applies to a new product or service you’re offering. Or maybe you can redirect it to a new audience or call to action. If it has the potential of reaching more people, use it.

2) Visualize
The numbers don’t lie: content with relevant images get 94% more views than without. As with the pull quote example, shareable, bite-size content with a nice design around it is great for social media or as a visual tool on email or web. Other ways to visualize your content include infographics, instructographics, checklists, downloadable guides and templates, or even video snippets.

3) E-blast
Sending out a monthly or even weekly newsletter is a great way to deliver repurposed content directly to your audience’s inbox. Something that was new a year ago will be new to recent additions to your email list. Once you have enough content on a related topic – say, a new product or initiative – create an email series or a thematic campaign around it to attract interest.

4) Record
Many people prefer to consume content through webinars, podcasts and videos. Luckily, there are plenty of platforms you can use to reach new audiences through these media. Could your high-performing blog posts be turned into short video tutorials to launch your YouTube channel? Or do you have instructional content best explained in a webinar or online mini-course? Use the power of audio and visuals to your advantage.

5) Spread the word
If you’ve built solid content on all your channels, it could be time to expand beyond your own. Republishing your popular posts on external sites and guest blogging on sites related to your industry are simple ways to find new people, create backlinks and increase brand awareness.

These are ideas for repurposing old content, but you should have this in mind even as you brainstorm and produce new content. Think ahead to how it can be repurposed, and make it evergreen so it has legs in the long-run. (Don’t forget to check it for relevance and edits before reusing it.) Strategizing this way will guarantee that you always have content ready to go.


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This article was originally published in the Community Newspapers.


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