5 Rules for More E-ffective E-Marketing

PUBLISHED: September 19, 2019

We get far too many emails. We’re inundated with messaging, and our inbox bears the brunt of it. Even with our spam filters in overdrive, it’s a full-time job sorting through news bulletins, specials, promotions, deals, steals, and Daily Meditation Tips from Aunt Miriam.

No hard feelings, Miriam.

So when you decide to send an E-Newsletter (a web-based newsletter distributed to a subscriber list on a regular basis), you’re already stepping on thin ice. Follow these 5 simple rules for more effective e-marketing, and you’ll be hitting Send with confidence.

Go Organic
Our clients often ask if they should purchase subscriber lists. As with buying followers on Instagram, my general rule is: “It’s not worth it.” The key to successful e-marketing (and higher open rates) is growing your contact list organically. You don’t want to speak into a void. You want to address a crowd of people who are interested and invested in what you have to say.

Sweat the Subject Line
When it comes to subject lines, many companies tend to phone it in. “October E-News.” “New in June.” What this text fails to do is to inspire, excite, or capture the attention of your subscribers. So put some serious thought into it. Get creative. Go outside the box. And, as always, keep it succinct.

Test and Test Again
E-Newsletters have numerous components: lists, segments, text, images, videos, hyperlinks, subject lines, pre-headers, etc. So, before you blast to thousands of recipients, be certain that all of the elements are in place. Send test emails to yourself and to the most detail-oriented individual in your organization. Carefully review the message on your PC, on a tablet, and on your mobile phone to ensure that the user experience is the same regardless of the device.

On Schedule
There’s tons of research available online about the best days and times to distribute your E-Newsletters. Of course, this data can vary based on demographic, so what works for the construction industry may not work as well for entertainers. After you’ve done your fair share of research, feel free to experiment with various dates and times to determine the optimal window for your audience.

Dive Into Your Data
Once you’ve hit SEND (with confidence!), you’ll begin receiving feedback instantaneously – and more information will trickle in over the following week. Open rates. Click rates. Direct replies. Bounces. Unsubscribes. Can it be time-consuming to go through all of this data? Sure. But it’s also incredibly valuable. Analyze the data to determine what worked about this E-Newsletter versus last month’s blast. Who opened? Who didn’t? Which links got the most clicks? How can you improve on your efforts moving forward?

Most importantly, don’t push this task to the bottom of your to-do list. Communicating directly and routinely with your subscribers can bring both new business and returning customers. And when one of your recipients writes, “I love getting these E-Newsletters!”… you’ll know you’re on the right track.


Article originally published in Community News.

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